I walked into a forest
Of many colours
And I found myself in Satan’s world

And I saw a voodoo priestess
playing hopscotch               
between the yard of a charcoal seller
And an avocado tree

Under silver moon,
and in a trance,
she played monopoly
with a variety of flying camels          
Just a mile ahead
there stood a temple
watched-over by a crawling soul,
to whom many swore eternal affection

Through tempest and whirlwinds
I tasted bile and granite

I sighed
I went on

Beyond the temple
a crook of ravens
who seem to suffer from bulimia nervosa
were hovering
and preying on
what looks like a goldfish

While on the carcass,
they looked very much paranoid –
They watched their backs in mistrust,
as if I was a scarecrow

But I turned eastward
And an unknown spirit met me where I paused

He shook my hand
We communed in arithmetic
He gave me what belongs to Caesar
The rest, he blew into thin air 

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