1999 Cyberfutriphobia Otec Radio  
2002 Slogans of Hope Fox Radio     
2006 Nkrabea Panafest   
2009 Nkrabea Black History Month UK   

Magazines and Newspapers
2009 Apology to Witches OGOV
2007 Ayekoo! The Voice August
2010 The burial of Saint Domeabra OGOV
2010 Muhammad Ali PWC
2010 Speaking in Tongues with Enyonam OGOV
2012 The last words of Aunt Araba OGOV

2009 Sahara Labyrinth Sable Acumen, Grace Publication
2009 Twin Towers War Against War, Mensah Press
2010 Rainmaker Sun and Snow Anthology, Rhythm International
2011 We Blacks Look Where You Have Gone To Sit, Woeli Publication
2011 Fences within, Memories untamed Sun and Snow Anthology, Rhythm International 
2012 Rainmaker Poetry Ink, Poetry Foundation Ghana

2007 Ayekoo! Marcus Garvey Library, London 

Read by Darko Antwi on Millileum Hour, hosted by Andy Dosty
Read by Kwame Adinkra on Fox Morning Show
Read by an anonymous group of students from Cape Coast. Directed by Sally Esinam Dowuona-Ocran
★ Read by Darko Antwi at the Marcus Garvey Library

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